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Targeting Like You Won’t Believe!

How To Use Crowd Targeting To Target Exactly The Right People And Grow Your Brand

Introduction Terminology

Crowd Targeting is a term that is similar to GeoFencing.  Crowd Targeting signifies targeting customers as they visit your competitors locations or events. Then market directly to them after they leave. We can follow them around with display ads on their cell phones, and computers.

GeoFencing is simply the process of targeting people in a specific targeted area, which Crowd Targeting does as well.  For this guide, we will use the term Crowd Targeting to refer to this process.


As a business, we understand that you have tried a lot of different types of digital marketing through Search Engine Optimization, Google & Bing AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc. The problem is that you are competing against hundreds if not thousands of other businesses in the same arena which makes getting noticed online virtually impossible. Plus, these are old, tired techniques that have become inadequate marketing tools due to “normalization”.

Crowd Targeting was originally developed for large companies with massive budgets. Now we are offering it to companies of all size. This will change the way you do marketing … Forever!

Local Service businesses, Auto Dealerships, Political Campaigns, Casinos, Food, Entertainment, and any business owner smart enough to get on board just got access to a HUGE ADVANTAGE.  Everyone has been looking for something new, exciting, and different.  Something that is effective and powerful. This is where Crowd Targeting comes in.  This new and unique solution gives you an edge over traditional types of marketing that everyone else is doing.  You just stumbled on one of the greatest forms of advertising at a price that is built for massive outreach. I’m not talking about just reaching a lot of people,I’m talking about reaching all the right people.  You have just found … The Holy Grail!

You now have a sustainable marketing edge over your competition.Target your audience with precision accuracy like never before.  Now you can get your message to exactly the right audience, those who are most likely to convert.  This is the power of Crowd Targeting.

You can take full advantage of this new type of marketing now that all the technology is mature and in place, which wasn’t always the case.  This is because of the highly technical nature of how it works using a combination of satellite technology and cellular tower triangulation, as well as several other advanced parameters that combine and process the data to make it usable for us to strategically place you on all the right  display networks.  Now you can start a campaign right away and get in the game!

We hope this Crowd Targeting summary gives you a good overview on how you are now able to utilize this with your company to build your brand, gain exposure to your events, and target your specific audience like never before.

How does Crowd Targeting Work?

Crowd Targeting - GeoFence by Digital Strategic Marketing

Crowd Targeting incorporates sophisticated methods that require the latest in satellite and cellular triangulation technologies.  When combined it creates a powerful set of digital mobile advertising tools.

These digital tools include targeted advertising that begins with Crowd Targeting, moves into Cross-Device Technology to allow us to follow them to their home and work computers and ends with world class banner ads that inspire future customers to visit your business rather than your competitor.

Crowd Target marketing is defined by the fact that smart phones within a certain location can be targeted for advertising, even if the person with the smart phone never uses the smart phone while in that geographic location. This means that not only can the person see ads while they are at the location (using Hyper Mobile Targeting), the person will also receive follow up banner advertising offering promotions designed to entice them into your business after they leave the area.

Imagine that you are a car dealership and you are frequently losing potential customers to the dealerships across the street. Crowd Targeting allows you to target potential buyers while they are roaming around, ready to make a purchase, in your competitor’s sale lot. This means you can offer a better deal or promotional offer through a targeted digital ad while the buyer is getting ready to make that purchasing decision.

The real power of Crowd Targeting is in the fact that you can target those interested buyers with digital ads after they have returned home. This beautifully designed system focuses ads on motivated buyers intended to help them see why your company is the better choice when compared to your competition.

1. Crowd Targeting

A Satellite geo-targeting technology used to locate when a mobile phone enters a designated location.

2. Collecting Advertising ID's

Each time someone enters the geo-targeted area, we have a technology that can get the Advertising ID from their mobile phone. This includes both iPhones and Android phones.  This is special because Advertising ID’s can only be obtained by having an application installed on their mobile phone.  An agreement with 180,000+ applications on both the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store allows us to get these Advertising ID’s using their apps.  Apps like Google Maps and other major application are some of these included in this agreement.  One thing that makes this more powerful than any other marketing tool is the fact that we can market to this person after they have been targeted for the life of their phone.  That is a STRONG tether to this person!

3. Cross Device Retargeting

Advertising ID’s are then collected, tracked, cataloged and sent to a demand side platform where we can then retarget those were in the geo targeted areas. A special process using 3rd party services allow us to know which computers are connected to the home and work computers that they use.   This is done through processes such as logging into a bank account.  If a person has a banking application on their phone and logs in with their username and password the bank can tell it was from their mobile app.  Later if that same person logs in with their username / password on their home or work computer the bank also knows this and ties the mobile login information with the computer information.  This ties the mobile phone with the other computers the user uses.  They then let us use this information to place your ads on their mobile phones, work, and home computers.

Imagine having a Surveillance System so advanced that it can identify your perfect prospects and advertise your business to them…

Crowd Targeting Examples

Example #1:
A steak restaurant chain of 2,400 locations (for privacy we’ll call this “The Cattle Prod”) wants more customers.  We target the 4 nearest competitors within a 7-mile radius (other steak houses) and show ads to all the people who go into that restaurant tracked by their mobile phones.  They see the display ads all over the Internet on their mobile phones, home, and work computers.  A certain number of them end up visiting The Cattle Prod to give them a try.   They are then detected by their cell phones at The Cattle Prod restaurant after they see ads and walk into the restaurant.  These are then counted as a “conversion” in analytics.   The customers are retargeted on their mobile phones and computers over the next few months to remind them to come back again at a future date.

crowd targeting restaurants - Digital Strategic Marketing
crowd targeting attorney - Digital Strategic Marketing

Example #2:
A Mercedes Auto Dealership wants to target customers who are in the market for a new or used luxury car.  They Crowd Target 4 competitors, an Audi Dealership, a BMW Dealership, a Jaguar Dealership and another Mercedes dealership that is their competition.  We track them using their cell phones and begin showing those people who walked onto any of those dealerships’ ads the next day on their mobile phones, home, and work computers.  An ad might advertise to come and check out their Mercedes Dealership.  Each person who walks onto the original Mercedes Dealership’s lot is considered a “conversion” and counted in the analytics.   The customers are then retargeted for another 3 weeks as they are in the market for a luxury vehicle.

Example #3:
Cobb & Cobb is a personal injury law firm.  They are looking to find those who have recently been injured either in the workplace, an auto accident, or other injuries that may need to be handled by their firm.  They target five nearby emergency rooms to show ads to everyone who has entered the hospital to offer their legal services.  This is a good targeted market for those who have been injured (and their families who may be in the waiting rooms for an extended period of time) and might need assistance.  We show them ads starting the following day on their mobile phones, home, and work computers. A certain number of those injured will reach out to Cobb & Cobb for their assistance.

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Why Use Crowd Targeting?

Once your ideal target is obtained, you are able to market to them for the life of their phone.  That’s a long time you can stay in front of this audience!

In the past targeting has been limited to a zip code as the smallest targeting area.  Then as technology improved it got down to the radius of a mile.  They used to call this GeoFencing because it was as precise as they could get at the time.  Things have really improved now as we are now able to get down to the precise contours of a building

or location.  This is typically accurate to as little as 20 feet in most cases.  Now you can target people extremely precisely and can capture not just people walking by, but the ones who actually walk into the location.  This can be extremely important when targeting your competitor’s store, restaurant, or any other location they may have.  We have targeted locations as small as a tiny store within a strip mall, all the way up to a hospital, stadium, a Mall, or even an airport.

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Engage Your True Audience!

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Websites, apps, and devices (mobile and/or desktop) will show your ads.  All this makes a big difference in the effectiveness of your campaign.  Our project managers are all experts at this!

We have a Done-For-You managed services platform that assists you with all these complexities of setup, management, optimization, and then walks you through your reports in plain“English” so you can understand how your project is performing in order to make good business decisions.  This reporting is available 24/7 in real time so you can check up on your project anytime you think about it.

We handle all this as well as the creative development of the ads and the landing pages.  The ads are covered through a one-time setup fee, however not everyone needs a landing page, so this is billed separately and is a one-time cost.

If you are shopping around, keep all this in mind as you consider the cost of your campaign.  Take into account the technology behind Crowd Targeting, the complexities that make this work, the extremely high effectiveness, the optimizations, the dedicated managers, the 24/7 reporting, and ultimately the results you will experience.  When you break it down, no other type of marketing can come close to this type of laser targeting. But you will never know this unless you try!

Target Buildings...not cities!

strategy vs tactics - Digital Strategic Marketing

Strategy is the plan and tactics entail how you will accomplish that plan.  So far, we have been talking about all the tactics, all the details that make up a highly converting campaign.  Strategy is what you and your project manager will consult on together in order to create the plan which will fit your specific needs.  The goal is to target your ideal customer and draw them into your company so you can grow and flourish.

An important part of your strategy is knowing what to measure.  What are your conversion goals and what metrics determine if this is successful?  Here are some ideas on what can be measured.  Each campaign will be very different in measuring success.  Your project manager will talk to you about some of these so we can make sure to be measuring what is most important to you.