What Is An Automated Sales System?

It is a system that nearly every successful business has in place. It is an automated system that takes the customer from being unaware of your product or service to knowing what it is and making them ready to buy. It is commonly referred to as a sales funnel and has been used by successful business' for many years. The best part is that once it is setup as the name implies it is automated. That means that your company will be generating sales constantly without any additional work.

There are many types of funnels. Depending on each individual business there will be different funnels that need to be in place.


Some automated sales systems are more complicated than others. Some of these systems only have a few different components while others have hundreds. This system will integrate everything from your landing page to email marketing and even the way that ads are ran.


If your company has a product or service for sale and doesn't have an automated sales system you are missing out on potential sales and working too hard for the ones that you are getting!

Every business has the chance to be successful. We want to make sure you have the best plan in place to do just that, Be Successful!

Opt-In Funnel
This funnel is designed to get contact information for potential clients. With this information you have the ability to market any product or service you may offer. Purely by having their contact information you now have the ability to control what they are marketed and when it is sent to them!

Service Sales Funnel
Typically this funnel is used to sell a particular service that your company offers. This funnel is great when you do not a a physical item and want to showcase your companies skills in a particular service that you may offer!

Product Sales Funnel
This funnel is generally used when you have a physical product that you are looking to sell. This type of funnel will typically use a product that cost the company low cost or no cost to give away as a bribe and then offer your high profit item to them later in the process.

E-mail Marketing Funnel
This system takes advantage of the information collected in the Opt-In funnel and allows for you to then market to the clients using an email marketing scheme that makes sense for your customers. There is a specific formula used with this system that is proven to get your customers to be engaged with your business and buy your products!