Quickstart Guide to Geofencing Advertising

Putting Your Message Where Your Customers Are

Recently, I have had some clients come to me asking what do I know about Geo Fencing Marketing.  I must say, I wasn’t surprised, geo fence advertising has been around for years, and now with the advances in bluetooth technology, devices and software are very affordable for any size business.  Using big data with a smart strategy can make geofencing a successful tool for many businesses.

So, What Is Geofencing?

The best definition for geo fencing that I could find is this; Geofencing is a location-based digital marketing tool that lets marketers send messages to smartphone users in a defined geographic area.  Geofencing is a way to engage consumers based on hyper-local location, and that can do a lot in terms of triggering immediate sales as well as understanding shopper mindset.  For example, shoppers in a mall can be targeted with ads by stores located in that mall, because of their geographic location.  You have the ability to use GPS data to feed ads to geographically ready shoppers to make sales decisions.  Whew, that was a mouthful.  So what does that mean to you in terms of helping your business get more customers and sales?

Is Proximity Marketing or Geofencing Right For Your Business?

Lets understand that proximity based marketing is not new, and sms, wifi, and bluetooth proximity marketing devices have been around and in use since 2013.  Business Insider predicts that proximity marketing hardware will drive over $44 billion in retail sales this year.  Macy’s and Target are some of the big retail chains that are using these devices to communicate with consumers.

Now, you should be thinking, how can I use geo fencing advertising in my business?  How do I increase sales right now?  Where do I find an expert in proximity marketing solutions?

Enhance Local Sales

Local optimization, or the ability to rank high in local searches, is extremely valuable for most businesses (and their SEO).  If you are making efforts to improve your local sales, you need to look into geofencing.  Since it is a location-based system, you can target local customers in a defined geographic area.  One way to do this is by sending promotions via push notifications to customers in your area.  You can easily change promotions each day or have limited-time offers that will lead to increased sales from local customers.  Offering instant incentives is a tactic that is working very well.

Ask For Feedback

Many businesses are using bluetooth proximity marketing devices to send push notifications to consumers who are leaving their businesses, with a chance to provide feedback.  This ability to ask for feedback immediately, while it is fresh in your clients minds, can provide you with invaluable insights into your market.

Personalized Message

Now days, shoppers expect more tailored messaging, with personalization that makes sense.  Not only can beacon technology provide that, it can trigger the ad based on a customer’s proximity to the store.  How would your business grow with this marketing ability?

Increased Analytics

Local sales can be difficult to measure.  How do you determine what brought a customer into your business?  Knowing what brought your prospects in and converted them into customers is an important metric to know.  You can use specific promotions using proximity marketing, and be able to measure sales, how long they are in your business, and how often they visit your business.  This information can help you find tune your overall marketing strategy and produce better results and increase your revenue.

Businesses that take part in the cutting edge targeting capabilities of tactics like Geofencing open themselves up to potential customers in a new way.

If you’re interested in learning more about Geofencing or other mobile advertising technology, click here today to start targeting new customers.

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