Facebook Messenger Chat Plugin is Here

Hello, anthony here from Digital Strategic Marketing with some exciting news from Facebook.

Those of you who are part of my tribe or have heard me speak, you know that I talk about using the Facebook messagenger chat as a traffic and lead source for your business.

This tool can increase engagement and interaction with your customers, clients and prospects, be used as a marketing tool to promote offers for your products and services, and provide customer service, all on the Facebook platform, where many of your customers spend alot of time daily.

If you have not added this to your Facebook business page and started using it, dont delay any longer. Develop a strategy on how to utillize it with your particular buisness and get started.

Now, Facebook has added new functionality to this service, and they are rollling it out to you. Yes, I am talking about the Messenger Customer Chat Plugin.

For those of you, who are not following me, this is what this plugin will do for you. It is a simple way for people to chat with businesses on their website and in Facebook messenger. With this plugin, customers can transition back and forth seamlessly without losing the conversation’s history and context. How great is that. Now you are making it easier for prospects, clients and customers to engage with you, on a platform they are on daily. You will have the opportunity to provide increased customer service, increased opportunities to share information about your products and services, and increased opportunies to promote your business.

If you would like to see how this looks and test it out, we spent some time installing this plugin onto our website, at DigitalStrategicMarketing.com. Go there and leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

Later today, I will be adding a video of how you can install it on your website.

So as you look at this, develop the strategy of how you can use this in your business. We would love to hear stories from you on how you implemented it and your results.

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