Specialized Marketing For Realtors

What Is Lead Gen?

Lead Gen or lead generation is a process that uses a various tactics to bring potential clients to provide you with their information. The leads we obtain are very qualified because they know what we are offering and are not being decieved to provide us with their information. Once we collect this information we provide it to a real estate agent that can help them with their needs and assist them in what they need.


Leads From SEO:

We obtain leads from multiple different sources. The first source as from what is called SEO. Whenever someone searches for a certain word or phrase in a search engine, search as Google, the results are delivered in order of what the Search engine Feels is most relevant. We optimize are pages so that whenever a potential client searches for certain keywords they find our page. From there if they feel like we provide the service that they need they will provide us with contact information, in which we deliver to whomever can best resolve their issue.

Leads From Ads:

We develop the ideal client for the type of lead we are looking to acquire. We then use advanced targeting to put an advertisement that we created specifically for that client to see and place it in front of them whether it is on social media or other places on the internet. We target the ads so precisely that we reach the ideal client we were looking for. Upon clicking the ad the new clients are asked to provide information so that we can then forward the information to our preferred specialist so that their needs can be fulfilled.


Converting Leads To Sales:

Leads are the key to getting multiple listings per month. Leads are far more advantageous to have over something such as cold calling or door knocking because they are already interested in buying or selling a home and don't need to be convinced that its the right time to buy or sell. Our leads are highly qualified so we not only have all their contact information but they also express interest in buying or selling by providing their contact info to us.

Why Our Leads Are So Qualified:

We provide leads to only one realtor. Our leads aren't like other companies that provide them to multiple agents and it is a first come/first serve system. Those types of leads can cause for any one lead to be contacted by multiple agents either all at once or really close together. These type of leads can cause for the client to get easily annoyed and they may decide to not work with any of the agents that contact them.