How To Quickly Build Authority For Your Website And Rank Higher, Faster!

For people who need more traffic and would like to rank higher in the search engines...

Domain Authority (DA) predicts how well your website will rank in the search results.

The higher your website’s Domain Authority score, the higher you can expect your website’s content to rank in the search results.

Publishing Guest Posts on websites with well-established Domain Authority is one of the most effective ways to transfer the other website’s “Authority” back to your own website… and build your own website's Authority in the process.

Guest Posts are also a great way to help establish your brand and borrow the other site's credibility (just think about the power and prestige of having your brand or website mentioned on one of the top-tier blogs or websites in your market).

Not to mention the potential for generating free traffic by having human visitors on those other websites click the links in your Guest Posts to visit your website.

Which is why our primary focus for Domain Authority Backlink Service is to increase your website’s overall Domain Authority by reaching out to established high-authority websites in your market and offering to have my team create a Guest Post for them in exchange for a supercharged in-content link that funnels their Domain Authority back to your website… so Google and the other search engines will rank your content higher, and faster than ever before!

100% Search Engine-Friendly Backlinks!

Domain Authority Backlinks are a special type of backlink that come from well-established, legitimate, stand-alone websites or blogs that are run by real webmasters, and have high levels of Domain Authority... they are the type of backlinks that can help you quickly build Domain Authority for your website or blog.

Domain Authority Backlinks are NOT mass-produced, low quality links.

And they are definitely NOT Private Blog Network links.

Domain Authority Backlinks are Hand-Built, High-Quality, White-Hat and extremely Google-friendly backlinks that closely follow Google’s own link building guidelines.

Here’s the best part:

You Won’t Have To Lift A Finger

My team of traffic-getting and backlink-building professionals and I will handle the entire Blogger Outreach and Guest Post process for you...

I'll even have a team of professional writers create the 100% original and unique Guest Posts for you... giving you a true hands-free experience!

Here's How It Works

We will audit your website (or blog) and identify your most backlink-worthy content that we feel offers you the best chance of ranking higher as quickly as possible.

We will analyze your competition and figure out which keywords are bringing your competitors the most valuable free traffic from the search engines... and the exact content they're using to target those keywords... so we can use that information as a treasure map for digging up the "buried treasure" content on your website... content that we feel will get the biggest traffic-getting ranking boost from Domain Authority Backlink Service.

We will conduct your keyword research and build an extremely profitable list of the most valuable free traffic-getting keywords that my team and I will go after with a vengeance by building Domain Authority Backlink to your most link-worthy content... content that we identify for you as part of our research.

Here's how the Domain Authority Backlink Service works....

Our well-trained team of Blogger Outreach professionals will scour the internet looking for Guest Post opportunities with well-established websites in markets related to yours that also have high levels of Domain Authority.

We reach-out to the potential Guest Post candidates we identify during our search… pitch them on story ideas that would benefit their readers, and… offer to create 100% unique content for their blog.

Our team of Professional Writers will then create a high-quality 100% unique article that is custom-tailored to the other website’s audience, and have them publish it on their blog... our writers will be sure to include an editorial-style “in content” link in the body of the article that links back to related content on your website.

It's all designed to provide your website with a constant stream of high-quality SEO friendly backlinks... and to funnel the other website's "Authority" back to your website, so you can rank higher on Google, faster... with Domain Authority Backlink Service!

No Hidden Costs

As far as the cost goes… it’s really not that much considering everything you get.

Your fee covers everything related to us building backlinks for you... it covers my time, my team's time, the strategic content we create for acquiring and building the links, and the backlinks themselves... it's all included.

There are NO additional fees.

There are NO long term commitments or obligations.

You could easily recoup your investment in a single month, especially if you have a proven business or money-making system in place that converts website-traffic into money.

Then it becomes...

Essentially Free!

Think of it this way… any extra profits that you make with our help, are profits that you wouldn’t have made without our help…which means it's essentially free money.

And it’s less than you’d typically have to pay a part-time employee for a single month… an employee that does little more than take up space while they sit around waiting to be told what to do, and with very little SEO experience, if any.

With us you’re getting access to 8 years of proven SEO experience that works… and an entire team of backlink-building experts that will do the SEO grunt-work for you… WITHOUT you having to lift a finger.

90-Day Replacement Guarantee

The backlinks we build for you are intended to be permanent links, and most of them should be around and providing long-lasting SEO benefits for years to come.

However, everybody knows that things just have a way of happening on the internet.. servers go down, links break, webmasters make changes to their content.

So, if any of the links we build for you break or disappear within 90 days of their original placement… just let us know and we’ll fix it or replace it with a similar link at no additional charge.

Do You Meet These Requirements?

Due to the insanely-personalized and labor-intensive nature of this program...

We have to be very particular about who we choose to work with.

And there are certain markets that we are just not willing or able to help.

So, we need to make sure that you meet these necessary (but very reasonable) requirements:

You can’t be associated with a “restricted” market.

There are some types of markets that we can’t build these types of Domain Authority Backlinks for. These “restricted” markets include pornography, adult, firearms, drugs, pharmaceuticals, casinos, gambling, hate sites and other “questionable” markets.

If your website falls into one of these “restricted” or “questionable” categories, then please do NOT order because we won't be able to build backlinks for you.

You should already have content listed in Google.

Don’t worry… you do NOT have to be ranked on the first page of Google, or anything like that.

We don’t even care if you’re currently buried on the tenth page of the search results… already having content in Google simply lets us know that Google is willing to rank your content, and then it becomes our job to help you rank higher... with both your current content, as well as any new content that you may add in the future.

And one of the most powerful ways for us to help you rank higher and grab more free traffic… as quickly as possible… is to add our optional “Site Rank SEO” strategy to push your existing content up to the top of the Google search results… and leapfrog over your competition in the process!

Fair enough?

Great, that’s it… those are my necessary (but very reasonable) requirements.

Full Service Or Self-Directed, It's Your Choice!

We now offer two levels of service.

Both levels are IDENTICAL when it comes to the type of Blogger Outreach, Guest Posts and Domain Authority Backlinks you receive.

However, one of them includes additional services like keyword research, analysis on your competition and website audits.

If you want those additional services, then you can choose our Full-Service level.

If you really don’t need those additional services, then I can offer you a substantial discount for choosing the brand-new Self-Directed level.

But don't worry…

You will receive the EXACT same type and quality of Blogger Outreach, Domain Authority Backlink and Guest Posts that we provide for the corresponding Full-Service levels.

All you really have to do for the Self-Directed level is tell us which pages on your website that you'd like us to link to and promote with Guest Posts... and we'll take care of the rest!

What it all comes down to is this...

If you'd like to save a ton of money and still have us build THE VERY SAME type of Domain Authority Backlinks with Guest Posts that we build for our Full-Service levels…

Simply choose one of the Self-Directed options below and we'll skip the additional services you don't need and just take care of the Blogger Outreach, Guest Posting and Backlink-Building for you… at a significantly lower price!

Introductory Offer

This is an extremely limited opportunity that is only available for a very limited time… and must be offered on a first come, first served basis.

So if you're serious about getting top-rankings in Google (and building massive levels of Domain Authority for your website in the process)...

Please take advantage of this Special Limited-Time Offer right now, before it's too late.

It's easy to get started... all you have to do is choose the level that works best for you... click the blue button... and then the complete your order.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can drag-and-drop it like any other Beaver Builder module. Then add all your questions with respective answers. That’s it! You can then customize the FAQ section with design settings.

In a module, you will find an option to enable schema support. Once you enable this option, FAQ schema will be automatically added to your page. In case you are using an external plugin to add schema you can keep it disabled.

The module follows Google guidelines and adds FAQ schema.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you wait until "later" it may be too late and your competitors are getting the traffic that you deserve.

So if you're serious about getting top-rankings in Google (and building massive levels of Domain Authority for your website in the process)...

Please take advantage of this Special Introductory Offer right now, before it's too late.

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